What are customers saying about this product

I don’t need to worry about wet , cold or hot weather anymore. I get mail alert inside my home. SIMPLE and EASY

I could never imaging how simple idea can change my life.I always felt lazy to walk to my letterbox after long tiring day.

I gifted this system to my grandparent, who used to make painful trips everyday to check their important mails. They are happy with its simplicity. My best gift ever.

Awesome product!  Now, I don’t need to walk up to my letterbox every day.


  • Time saver for people with longer drive way or
  • Living in country style house or farm.
  • Save your letters from rain damage and theft

By regularly checking mail box could save your important letters being damage from rain or being stolen 1.

  • Simple to use – No setup required.

Place the Letterbox device in the center of your letterbox and the Alarm at your convenient location within range.

  • Automatic mail notifications – No more waiting.

All you need to do is the switch on both device to receive notification.

  • No unnecessary walking back & forth to your letterbox

Do you know most of us spend approximately 260 minutes (4.3 hours) every year to check the letterbox2.

  • Suitable for elderly or disabled who makes painful trip to the letterbox everyday

System is a pair of device

 The wireless Letterbox Alarm System consists of two devices (Letterbox and Alarm):

  • The Letterbox device  is simply placed inside the letterbox.
  • The Alarm device is placed at a convenient location within range to get a notification.

When a letter is dropped on the Letterbox device it sends a notifications to the Alarm device.

The Alarm device indicates letter ‘s presence using  Green LED, while absence is indicated using Red LED .

Product Comparison

Features Long range


Keyfob receiver


Alarm notification Automatic indication every 20 seconds By press of a button
Range Upto 100 meters LOSUpto 40 meters in an urban area Upto 40 meters LOSUpto 20 meters in an urban area
Alarm device enclosure Translucent blue Keyfob black
Letterbox device enclosure Translucent blue Translucent blue
Alarm device power supply Mini usb 5V 3V – 2032 coin cell
Letterbox device power supply 2*1.5V AA 2*1.5V AA
Operating temperature -20 to 60 C -20 to 60 C
Battery life3 Letterbox – Upto 1 year Letterbox – Upto 1 year Keyfob – Upto  1 year
Ideally for More than 20 meters  distance between alarm and letterbox.Most suitable for urban house.  For Compaq alarm size and portable use.You can press a button when you are returning home and get notification without getting out of your car or without opening your letterbox


In box –

  1. Letterbox device 
  2. Alarm device
  3. Batteries (4 *AA) or Batteries(2*AA)+ USB power supply (AU AC plug)
  4. Quick start guide